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Halter and Lead Ropes
Breking Equipment

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2007002 LUNGING CAVESSON in strong nylon web, triple hinge metal nose with three rings, two changeable browbands Cob and Full.
Colour: havana
Size: only one Cob/Full
2007104 LUNGING CAVESSON in strong leather with brass fittings.
Colour: havana
Size: Full

2203899 DASL÷ CHAMBON training martingale with nylon sides.
Colour: havana - black
2202099 CHAMBON training martingale in leather and nylon, economy line.
Colour: havana - black

2202195 DASL÷ GOGUE in leather with nylon straps.
Now available in a new style, with four golden brass rings on the strap connecting to the girth.
Colour: havana - black
DASL÷ DRAW REINS with snaps, tubular rope and girth loop.
1547199 Size: Full Colour: havana - black
1540999 Size: Pony Colour: havana

1542499 DASL÷ WEB DRAW REINS with golden brass snaps and girth loop.
Colour: havana
1504499 LEATHER DRAW REINS economy line.
Colour: havana

1504299 SIDE REINS in leather with long rubbers, economy line. Colour: havana - black

1503999 SIDE REINS in leather with round rubber rings, economy line. Colour: havana

2701399 BREAKING ROLLER in soft neoprene with nylon reinforcements complete with stainless steel Dee rings and buckles.
Colour: black

2205199 LUNGING STRAP in nylon. Colour: brown 2204099 WEB LUNGING REIN with swivel and leather billet.
Colour: brown

2205099 LUNGING REIN made from strong and soft padded webbing.
Colour: red - navy blue
with rubber covered handles, complete with girth. Colour: black

2701499 VAULTING BODY ROLLER in buffalo leather, complete with girth, headstall and reins.
Colour: white

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