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Leg Wraps

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5900199 TATTINI LEG WRAPS in padded quilted cotton.
Colour: white - navy blue Set of 2 prs.
5900399 TATTINI LEG WRAPS in soft reversible polar fleece.
Colour: green / navy blue Set of 2 prs.

5901399 TATTINI LEG WRAPS in channel quilted cotton drill with heavy polyfill padding.
Colour: navy blue
Set of 2 prs.
3106199 TATTINI COMBINATION HORSE BOOTS/LEG WRAPS. It features neoprene boots with ventilation holes for air circulation combined with cotton leg wraps.
Colour: black with navy blue wraps

2502199 BANDAGES CARRY BAG to be hung to the stable’s door.
Colour: burgundy - navy blue

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