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Stable Equipment

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6100299 PORTABLE MANGER complete with metal brackets.
Colour: white - red - green - navy blue - black
6100599 WALL FEEDER in a very strong rubber.
Colour: black

6100899 CORNER MANGER in plastic with anti-wasting edge.
Colour: green Capacity: 31 lt
6908299 STABLE BUCKET flat one side in strong plastic with metal handle.
Colour: red

6205217 STABLE BUCKET flat one side in hard wearing rubber.
Colour: black
Capacity: 17 lt
6908199 STABLE BUCKET round shape in strong plastic with metal handle.
Colour: green
Capacity: 13 lt

6200699 WATER DRINKING BOWL with tongue for water pressure. Aluminium with brass valve. 6205499 PVC FOLDING BUCKET. When filled with water it doesn’t overturn. Ideal for Trekking.

6200999 WATER DRINKING BOWL at constant water level. Aluminium with brass connection and plastic float. 6200299 WATER DRINKING BOWL in plastic with tongue for water pressure.
Colour: navy blue

6101099 FEEDING BAG in nylon with mesh. 6600199 WOODEN BOWL.

6907099 CANVAS BOX GATE adjustable. 6808499 ZINC TIE RING.

6100199 HAYNET in a very strong nylon with metal rings, extra large. Colour: green 6100799 HAYNET without rings.
Colour: red - navy blue

6101699 WALL HAY RACK constructed in strong galvanised steel, foldable. 6101599 CORNER HAY RACK constructed in strong galvanised steel, foldable.

6300399 PLASTIC CHIPFORK with rack. 6300199 STABLE MATE scoops droppings easily.


6301699 HORSE PROOF GATE/DOOR BOLT right hand.

6301799 HORSE PROOF GATE/DOOR BOLT left hand.

6301499 HITCHING POINT to tether the horse quickly, easily and securely.

6901099 PLASTIC STABLE BOARD. 6800599 FOLDING STABLE CART made from aluminium, with 10” x 3” wheel.

6500999 SADDLE BOX with wheels, wooden rubber coated with aluminium edges. Provided with removable saddle rack both for english and western saddle, removable inner panel, ventilation holes and large room for containing harness and various tack. 6503599 PLASTIC TACK TRUCK with wheels, lightweight but yet very strong. Very roomy, it can accommodate either an english or western saddle. Provided with two handles, ventilation grooves inside the walls and removable tray.
Colour: green - navy blue - black
Size: cm 110 x 56 x 51

4600299 PLASTIC BIB with nylon strap, to protect rug, bandages etc. 4700399 CRIB BITER in aluminium with strong nylon strap.

4600199 PLASTIC MUZZLE with nylon headstrap. 4700599 CRIB BITER with cowhide leather padding on throat.
Colour: brown

POULTICE BOOT for protection or support of medical treatment of hoof injuries.
5609002 Size: S
5609004 Size: L
4700199 NECK CRADLE hard wood with straps.

9500799 PORTABLE BRIDLE RACK with 4 hooks. Colour: red 6808099 BRIDLE RACK plastic coated metal.
Colour: red - black

9500299 BRIDLE RACK with horse’s shoe, solid brass. 9500499 BRIDLE HOOK with horse’s head, solid brass.

6500199 SADDLE RACK plastic coated metal for English style saddle. Colour: red - black 6500399 FOLDING SADDLE RACK plastic coated metal, both for english and western style saddle.
Colour: red

6502599 FOLDING SADDLE RACK hot galvanized.
Colour: red
6500799 SADDLE RACK with two arms.

6500899 REMOVABLE SADDLE RACK with two arms.

6500699 FOLDING SADDLE DISPLAY STAND with four wheels. Colour: black 7200199 DISPLAY RING with hook. Assorted colours.

6503799 FOLDING SADDLE DISPLAY STAND in tubular aluminium with two wheels. 6500499 SADDLE DISPLAY STAND collapsible, plastic coated metal, 3 legs. Colour: red

6400199 SS LEATHER PUNCH six tube revolving head. 6501199 CHARIOT TROLLEY in painted metal, collapsible. Equipped with one saddle rack, two bridle racks and lounging whip loop. Provided to adapt Tattini grooming box.

M000064 PLASTIC TRAY for “chariot” trolley.

6808199 BLANKET RACK chromium plated rails. 6808399 SIX RAIL RUG RACK in strong grey steel, wall fixing.

5905299 ALUMINIUM MEASURING STICK with level. 6808599 BLANKET RAIL RACK, collapsible.

7100599 PVC HIND HORSE’S LEG with base.

7100499 PVC FORE HORSE’S LEG with base.

7200999 LIFE SIZE QUARTER HORSE in fibreglass.
Size: cm 258 x cm 180

Easy to carry thanks to perfect balancing and two big wheels
Color: Green
Colour: Black

Colour: Turquoise/Brown - Orange/Gray - Fuchsia/Blue - Black/Gray
9980164 EASY ENTRY HORSE CARTfor pony

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