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A- 5100499 MANE COMB in aluminium with horse’s head.

B- 5100699 ANTIBACTERIAL PLASTIC COMB. Colour: white Size: M

C- 9202799 ANTIBACTERIAL PLASTIC COMB. Colour: green Size: S

A- 5100299 MANE COMB in aluminium, large.

B- 5100399 MANE COMB in aluminium, small.

C- 5100799 MANE COMB with HOOF PICK.

A- 5100199 MANE COMB in aluminium, wide-toothed with handle.

B- 5100599 MANE COMB in aluminium, with wooden handle.

A- 5403199 TRIMMING SCISSORS with curved blade.

B- 5403099 THINNING SCISSORS with plastic coated handle.

5902199 PLAITING SHOW BOWS for mane and tail.
Colour: white - red - green
5400199 TRIMMING COMB for thinning and shortening the mane or tail, provided with replaceable blades.

5902599 METALLIC BRAIDING BANDS. Colour: gold - silver

5902099 MANE BRAIDING BANDS. Colour: white - black

RUBBER CURRY COMB with handle. D - 5200399 Adult Colour: black E - 5201599 Child Colour: red - navy blue

5200499 PLASTIC CURRY COMB with 2” wide web strap.
Colour: yellow - red - green - navy blue
5203599 GROOMING GLOVE one side for currying and one side for brushing.
Colour: red

5203699 RUBBER GROOMING GLOVE to clean sensitive areas.
Colour: red
5203599 GROOMING GLOVE one side for currying and one side for brushing.
Colour: red

5700999 GROOMING PUMICE STONE for horses.

A - 5204399 OVAL DANDY BRUSH synthetic fibre on natural lacquered wooden back.

OVAL DANDY BRUSH assorted rainbow, synthetic fibre on wooden back. B - 5204499 Adult
C - 5203099 Child

D - 5203899 BODY BRUSH synthetic fibre on plastic back. Colour: white/black

E - BODY BRUSH with wooden back, black natural bristles with a white edge. 5105699 Adult 5106599 Child

F - 5106899 MEDIUM BODY BRUSH synthetic fibre on natural wooden back.

G - 5106199 BODY BRUSH natural bristles on wooden back.

H - 5910199 SPARE CURRY COMB for grooming machine.

I - 5910099 SPARE BODY BRUSH for grooming machine.


G - 5106199 BODY BRUSH natural bristles on wooden back.

5207399 SS SWEAT SCRAPER with rubber one side and wooden handle. B - 5207099 SS SWEAT SCRAPER 1” with two handles.
C - 5207499 SS SHEDDING BLADE 1” with teeth.

5300199 HOOF PICK with a plastic moulded handle.
Colour: red - yellow - green - navy blue
5300499 HOOF PICK with BRUSH, plastic moulded handle and strong metal hook. Assorted colours.

5904199 HOOF OIL BRUSH. 5904399 HOOF OIL BRUSH with container.

5204599 LONG DANDY BRUSH natural fibre on wooden back. 5204799 DANDY BRUSH with long bristle. Assorted colours.

5204699 SMALL DANDY BRUSH synthetic fibre on wooden back. Assorted colours. A - 5406699 PROFESSIONAL OSTER CLIPPER for the horse, with case. Baffled fan keeps motor cool and comfortable for extended clipping.
BLADES for Oster clipper.
B - 5904015 bottom blade
C - 5903999 top blade
P - 5904017 SPRING BLADE for Oster clipper.
O - 5904021 DRIVE YOKE ASSEY for Oster clipper.
N - 5904034 ARMATURE for Oster clipper.

5406299 CORDLESS ELECTRIC CLIPPER with multiple clipper blade settings and also with oil for clipper blades, cleaning brush, electric charger, plastic guide combs and recharging stand. Packed in a polyester bag provided with various pockets for the clipper and the accessories.
E - 5903499 BLADE for cordless clipper.
F - 2803999 TATTINI CLIPPER OIL 150g.
F - 2803999 TATTINI CLIPPER OIL 150g.

H - 4901199 SPARE CURVED BLADE for tooth rasp.


5907299 QUARTER MARKERS diamond motif.

5907199 QUARTER MARKERS square motif.

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