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GREEN HOOF GREASE improves the hoof health, promotes growth and keep it in excellent condition, by preventing cracking and splits.
A - 5507199 1 lt
B - 5507299 2,5 lt
C - 5506899 5 lt
A - 5506999 BLACK HOOF GREASE 1 lt.
B - 5506404 HOOF VARNISH formulated to impart a healthy sheen to the hoof, 250 ml.
Colour: black - colourless

5503499 GREEN HOOF OIL. Its regular use will prevent cracker and split hooves, 1 lt.

5507399 HOOF TAR keeps the hoof in good condition. Packed with screw plug, 1 lt.

SHAMPOO a specially formulated soapless shampoo.
H - 5502099 2 lt
I - 5501999 500 ml 5502399 HERBAL SHAMPOO containing a blend of herbal extracts, among which rosemary oil. It helps to eliminate the smell which attracts insects, 500 ml.
5500210 WHITE HORSE SHAMPOO with a whitener for grey and white horses, 500 ml.

5808199 ANTIBITE SOLID to be applied to stable doors, fencing, etc., to prevent crib-biting and chewing, 400 gr.

5700200 COOL GEL for cooling bruised and swollen horses’ legs, 400 gr.

5502299 HAIR POLISH produces a superb sheen of the coat. Provided with vaporizer, 500 ml.

5500605 TAIL and MANE LOTION to allow an easy comb. It prevents tangles of the main and tail, 500 ml.

A - 5800826 TATTINI APPLE HORSE BIX. Pack of 1 kg.
B - 5800726 TATTINI APPLE HORSE BIX. Pack of 150 g.
C - 5800723 TATTINI HONEY HORSE BIX. Pack of 150 g.

5800827 HERB STIX BAG a blend of natural herbs.
Pack of 500 g.
6800399 SALT ROLLER HOLDER in plastic.

F - 5000725 mint flavour
G - 5800724 plain flavour

I - 5800220 plain flavour
L - 5800420 mint flavour

6800299 SALT LICK HOLDER in plastic coated steel.

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